Lowered the cost-per-install
by an incredible 85%


TradeWise is a US startup based in San Francisco. The app provides users with a personalized newsfeed and portfolio alerts using a proprietary SignalRank technology.

The AppAgent team has been deeply involved in the product design as well as user acquisition in the highly competitive fin tech market. The team helped to optimize the app and acquisition costs, leading to a significant growth in the app’s user base.

Scope of work

  • Product positioning
  • UX and redesign
  • Rebranding
  • On-boarding
  • ASO
  • User acquisition
  • Monetization

Agents involved

  • Peter (Marketing, Product)
  • Edward (UA)
  • Marketa & Thomas (UX)
  • Martin (Design)
  • Albert (Product Analyst)
  • Ray (Copywriter)

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