Substituted a publisher for
an award-winning studio

Tiny Miners

Tiny Miners is the latest game from About Fun, creators of Mega Dead Pixel, one of Apple’s ‘Best of 2013’ featured games. Tiny Miners is a game of survival, crafting, and fast-paced action.

Players send their tiny miner deep into the bowels of the Earth, steering left and right to ensure the precious miner avoids all obstacles. You can also gather up ingredients, turning them into tools you can use to dig even deeper!

Scope of work

  • ASO
  • Advertising visuals concept and creative lead
  • Soft launch strategy and management
  • PR
  • Global launch strategy
  • Secured featuring by Apple and Google

Agents involved

  • Peter (Marketing strategy, Featuring)
  • Martin (Soft launch management, ASO)
  • Jim (Copywriting & PR)
  • Petr (Design)

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