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Peter Fodor
Founder & CEO
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Martin Jelinek
Marketing Manager
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Martin Brykner
Marketing Manager
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Jakub Chour
Marketing Manager
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Vit Volsicka
Data Analyst
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Richard Horin
Creative Director
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David Pertl
Performance Marketing
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Eduard Krecmar
Head of Performance Marketing
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Jiri Chochlik
ASO Expert
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Jim Squires
PR & Copywriting for games
Lawrie Jones
PR & Copywriting for apps

Why Monday is better than Friday

A message from our CEO, Peter Fodor

People are often surprised that I'm willing to work anywhere, even if I’m travelling with my family in a caravan all around the Europe. It's because I enjoy helping my teams with mobile business so much. I would probably do it even for free, but money is needed for the petrol and feeding my family. And for new bike parts as well.

Before founding AppAgent I began my career at global ad agency Leo Burnett and Lemonade, where I managed accounts for blue-chip clients like Vodafone and Nestlé. At 30 I created my first tech start-up Flow Studio where we published 12 apps and reached more than 8m players. During that time I learned a lot there about mobile marketing, what makes mobile different and how to market a start-up to a success.

Having worked as both a marketer and a publisher, I built AppAgent with a strong vision to create a team that provides a better service than agencies, and takes less than publishers. I was 100% sure that focusing only on ASO or solely at acquisition wouldn’t work. Mobile marketing is complex and you have to have all pieces of the puzzle to build a real business.

That's what I enjoy so much about the work we do, pushing things forward and aiming for the best. That's why for me Monday is always better than Friday!

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