Designed creatives that
sell hot sniper action

Sniper Ghost Warrior

Sniper Ghost Warrior is a mobile shooter game combining precise sniper action with frenetic assault missions.

The game is used by the successful franchise of a AAA gaming studio CI Games. Besides managing the soft launch process, we’ve designed an attractive store listing, made an app preview video and produced a series of video ads for Facebook. New vertical videos reached a triple conversion rate (3.2%), compared to classic ads and carousels. Therefore, the Cost Per Install has significantly decreased.

Scope of work

  • ASO
  • Advertising visuals
  • Soft launch strategy and management
  • Global launch strategy

Agents involved

  • Martin (Marketing Strategy)
  • Edward (User Acquisition)
  • Richard (Creative Director)
  • Petr S. (Graphic Designer)
  • Jim (Copywriter)
  • Vit (Video Producer)
  • Lukas (Sound Designer)

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