Created a flexible and easily
scalable analytics


Inscape is a meditation app merging traditional techniques with intelligent personalization.

Inscape, a New York based start-up, asked AppAgent to relaunch the new version of its app in the fall of 2017. Part of the full-scope marketing support was a building custom analytics using a Google technology stack - Firebase as a data collector, a BigQuery database and a Data Studio for dashboards.

AppAgent created the data architecture while closely cooperating with the development team to integrate analytic events and preparing a large set of data visualizations for a product manager, investors and an acquisition manager.

Scope of work

  • ASO
  • User acquisition
  • Lifecycle marketing
  • App and Marketing analytics

Agents involved

  • Martin (Marketing, Analytics)
  • Vit (Analytics)
  • Jakub (UA & Lifecycle marketing)
  • Richard (Ads ideamaking)
  • Vojtech (Ads production)

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