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Are you enthusiast in mobile marketing who can handle freedom and responsibility? Join us on the mission to become the best marketing experts available for hire.

Are you a producer from a digital agency or a project manager in a development studio? Do tasks like “Export the Japanese iPhone screenshots from PSD” and “Upload it to the store” sound familiar to you? Then maybe you should keep on reading…

We are looking for a marketing producer who can provide a support system for our creative team and that way will allow the creative process behind hundreds of screenshots as well as videos every week to be as seamless as possible. We helped and still continue to provide our services for leaders in their industry such as Glu Mobile, Innogames, Pixonic, Joom or Kiwi.com.

Examples from our production (also an example of what you will be responsible for):

Showreel: https://youtu.be/pKt7tm-8cPg
Video ad for War Robots: https://youtu.be/j9f6G06GSyM
Video ad for Empires & Puzzles: https://youtu.be/aujCDcDNXyg
Video ad for Kiwi.com: https://youtu.be/JR-5Ee_6wkI

What we do

We are not an agency with conventional thinking. We breathe for a client’s business – we help them get better financial results, analyze data, define strategies, execute marketing campaign and much more.

What is our aim

We strive to become the best mobile marketing team for hire there is.

How far have we come

The AppAgent team, which now has 14 members, consists of marketing specialists, analysts and a production team. The highest demand right now is with the production team, which is lead by our Creative Director Richard and further consists of an art director, 2 motion designers, an external graphic designer and a sound designer.

Who are we looking for:

  • a support element for the production team who will improve assignment of tasks, budgeting, project management, prioritizing system and who will be responsible for submitting excellent results in a timely manner
  • a manager, who will be able to communicate with a client even if the client happens to be across the globe
  • a communication master, who knows how to put aside emotions when dealing with a conflict of priorities and the everlasting shortage of time
  • a process-oriented person who likes to enhance and speed up how things work
  • an enthusiast in the mobile world who sees themselves growing in this industry

Experience in app development is a welcomed advantage but definitely not a condition.

5 required hard-skills

  1. knowledge of digital production from an agency or a development studio (min. 2 years)
  2. excellent organizational and time-management skills
  3. fluency in English and the ability to communicate with your colleagues as well as with clients in it
  4. basic skills in Adobe Creative Suite and ideally in animation software (After Effects, Cinema 40)
  5. Attention to detail almost to an extreme, skills to think fast on your feet and follow work through to the perfect finish

What we offer

  • Space to do very diverse kind of work, from travel ads to trailers for shooter games
  • An opportunity to work for big brands with millions of users. (Clients include Small Giant Games, Pixonic, Wolt, Kiwi.com, Joom or Starbreeze.)
  • Diverse range of creative challenges. (From grabbing a pen and sketching, to in depth work on Photoshop, you shouldn’t fear anything.)
  • 25 vacation days and for expats 2 weeks a year to do remote work from their home country
  • A profit-share motivational schema
  • A pleasant and modern workspace with flexible working hours.

Location: Prague 5

Do you love the challenge of cracking the algorithms of the App Store and Play Store? Is the complexity of boosting organic traffic something you enjoy? Join an agency which delivered 30% growth of organic downloads for Joom, 66% growth for Kiwi.com and 280% for Budgetbakers.

What we do

We grow the mobile user base and revenues for global clients through an integrated mobile app marketing. From marketing strategy, over data analytics, creative services, ASO, to paid user acquisition and growth management. We’re structured and experienced enough to boost any good app or game.

Where we want to get

To become the best mobile marketing team for hire, globally. Simple as that.

Who do we need

A proficient ASO expert who can demonstrate real impact on organic downloads, ideally from various app verticals. You’ve been doing ASO for at least 1 year and now look for diversity, having a creative and UA team at your disposal as well as an opportunity to quickly test even the craziest ideas how to increase traffic.

What will you do

  • Manage ASO projects by performing keyword and conversion rate optimization in the App Store and Play Store.
  • Present your work, explain strategies and educate clients even at onsite workshops.
  • Lead the creative production of new assets and localizations with a network of native speakers around the globe.
  • Spot trends and regularly test new strategies in the ASO space.
  • Regularly publish new content, give talks and engage in communities.

7 experiences and skills you need to have

  1. At least 3 years prior experience in mobile marketing and at least 1 year of hands-on ASO experience./li>
  2. A deep understanding of the keyword optimization process, key metrics, App Store Connect and Google Play Console.
  3. You’re experienced in generating ideas for store experiments, managing those in Google Play or 3rd party tools and carefully evaluating the data.
  4. You‘re comfortable explaining your thought process and answering both simple and complex questions related to your work as well as ASO performance.
  5. Excellent communication skills in English and an interest in writing posts and speaking at conferences.
  6. Enjoyment from mentoring a team while helping others grow personally and professionally.

A big plus: you have your own app on which you test(ed) ASO strategies and can demonstrate your abilities.

What we offer

  • Freedom for those who don't need and don’t want to be managed
  • Great global clients from attractive industries such as travel or gaming
  • An opportunity to get deeply involved in building and growing an excellent marketing consultancy
  • 25 vacation days, unlimited home office
  • a cool office with a garage for bikes or scooters, shower and terrace
  • profit share after being long-term with the agency
  • For expats, 2 weeks a year remote work from their home country

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
To apply please send an email to: peter@appagent.co

Are you a mobile marketer looking for an exciting job that'll let you take your skills to the next level? Do you have what it takes to not shy away from diverse challenges posed by top-class clients of the likes of Innogames, Starbreeze, Kiwi.com or Joom? Join a strong team of mobile marketers at AppAgent and discover your true potential.

What we do

We're “mobile marketing experts for hire” who become part of a client's businesses and we help them improve their performance in mobile. We analyze user data, create new marketing strategies, design creatives, acquire users and manage growth.

Where we want to get

To become the best mobile marketing team for hire, globally. Simple as that.

Where we are today

We’re 14 experts in various fields, from strategists, over data analysts, App Store Optimization experts, to UA managers and creative people. Right now, we are working with clients such as Kiwi.com, Malwarebytes, Starbreeze, Small Giant Games and more top brands which we will reveal soon.

Who do we need

  • a mobile marketing enthusiast with deep experience and a proven track record
  • a hard worker who is eager to push the limits and come up with better solutions every single day
  • a listener who is keen to learn new stuff every day
  • a devotee with 100% focus on the company business (no side jobs) and a long-term commitment

5 must-have hard skills

  1. At least 3 years prior experience marketing games or mobile apps, ideally demonstrating solid traction
  2. Excellent verbal and written communication skills: must be comfortable and genuine in presentations as well as managing meetings with many stakeholders.
  3. Strong strategy planning skills, ability to identify new business opportunities, plan and execute large campaigns for global clients
  4. Proficiency in using app and marketing analytics on a daily basis, ability to translate data into insights as well as take an action based on them
  5. Ability to effectively manage a budget, track performance of marketing efforts and invested time

    Entrepreneurial experience with your own project / startup is a big plus (even when you have failed)!

What we offer

  • freedom for those who don't need and don’t want to be micromanaged
  • great global clients from attractive industries such as travel or gaming
  • weekly Education Wednesdays, a full-day of workshops each quarter, regular conferences abroad, personal advice from world-class experts from the US, UK, Germany...
  • a cool office with a garage for bikes or scooters, shower and terrace
  • profit share after being long-term with the agency
  • ...and the classic home-office, sick days, 25 vacation days

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
To apply please send an email to: peter@appagent.co

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