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How to analyze app users’ and game players’ motivation

How to analyze app users' and game players' motivation

This is the first episode of the Mobile Marketing Creatives Series that aims to inspire you on how to best promote your app or game through thumb-stopping visuals.  By subscribing to AppAgent’s newsletter you’ll never miss these upcoming episodes: defining your unique selling proposition, developing creative strategy, fake ads, and best practices we learned working for top publishers such as Supercell, Small…

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Mobile Marketing Creatives Series – Ultimate guide on how to design ads and app store creatives

Creative Series: Prologue

Today’s mobile growth is massively driven by paid user acquisition. Actually, mobile ad spend reached a 26% year over year growth to a whopping $240B in 2020 according to App Annie.  Such an acquisition is based on two pillars. First, user behavior events sent from the app back to ad networks providing signals for algorithms who the best users are. Second, ad…

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How automation can simplify mobile ad production

Mobile video ads automation

Every publisher has heard the phrase: “We need more ads and we need them fast!” over and over again from their user acquisition department. The fact is that mobile video ads are critical for effective user acquisition, however the production of these ads is heavily dependent on manpower. This is where automation can come in handy. Automation is a technical solution which…

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Best Practices for Mobile Ad Creatives Production


User Acquisition managers are looking for great ad creatives like never before. An ad that achieves a high click-through rate, posts strong install numbers and manages to retain users is the best way to fight increasing acquisition costs. I reached out to three great mobile marketers, who produce tons of creatives every week, to learn about how they regularly produce effective ads…

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