VIDEO: Building Mobile Marketing Analytics Step-by-Step

Listen AppAgent’s Marketing Analyst Martin and Data Analyst Vítek talk about building mobile marketing analytics step-by-step. During their livestream on the Mobile Marketing Experts Facebook group they recently talked why they have decided to build our own marketing analyst stack instead of buying it. You will also see how they build it, step by step, which additional […]

Mobile analytics setup for a data-driven soft launch

Mobile analytics for soft launch

The soft launch of a mobile app is all about collecting data. But what happens if you’re a CMO, mobile marketer or a product marketing manager at a mobile startup unfamiliar with the necessary tracking and technicalities of data collection? Don’t worry. This practical guide describes in detail which product and marketing analytics you need […]

Why is the App Marketing Agency of the Year award important?

AppAgent The Best Agency

On the annual App Growth Awards in Berlin (held on Dec 5, 2018) AppAgent turned two nominations into an award (the second nomination was for the best ASO Company). For me personally, the main emotion when I heard them say “the app marketing agency of the year is AppAgent” from James Cooper’s lips, was a […]