An essential guide on how to use Apple Search Ads to boost App Store Optimization (ASO)

Search Ads by ASO

It’s been two years since Apple introduced Search Ads in 13 storefronts*, and it’s clear to anyone in the industry that they have been a huge success. Setting them up is easy, with those developing campaigns needing to choose between the simple ASA Basic (pay-per-install, simple setup) and more complex Advanced (pay-per-tap, more features) approaches. […]

Ten facts you might have not known about Thomas Petit

Thomas Petit

The only sure thing in our lives is constant change. One major change just happened in the life of the most knowledgeable and supportive mobile marketing expert I personally know, Thomas Petit. We first met in 2015 and have stayed in regular contact since then. Thomas helped us at AppAgent numerous times with Apple Search […]

The 10 best blogs, newsletters and sources on mobile app marketing

I am regularly asked: “Where can I find the best information online about the mobile marketing industry?” The question comes from newbies and experienced marketers who recognise that mobile app marketing best practice changes so quickly that it’s essential to stay on top of industry trends and developments. It’s also important to follow – and […]