How I got lost with Apple Watch

I had an opportunity to use the Apple Watch for a day and dig deeper into its functions than is normally possible during public demos in Apple Stores. The first impression was overwhelming: a small computer with a gorgeous screen on my wrist. I tapped the screen, opened the first app or two and… got […]

7 Reasons Why The Apple Watch Sucks For Games

The Apple Watch announcement excited millions of consumers and developers. Devs felt an opportunity for a brand new market, as well as a new opportunity to differentiate from hundreds of thousands of other developers and serve a new customer segment. The device was first considered as a wrist computer, let’s say a miniature of the […]

Skyrocket Your App Business This Year

I’m part of a cool online event that kicks off Thursday, April 9! My friend Charlyn Keating, an app developer and entrepreneur, is hosting The Appreneur Summit – the largest online app marketing conference in the world.  Her 30+ guests are some of the biggest thought leaders and online entrepreneurs in the app space. Speakers […]