Orc’s Arena – Developing the other way

Today we’ve launched a unique project, Orc’s Arena. It’s not just a game, it represents a new approach. Imagine a “minimal viable product” typical for services in a form of a game, which waits for feedback and will be further developed based on the response of the players.  Sortee, currently our most expensive title, took […]

We are soon launching a prologue of our new game called Orc’s Arena. Just couple of days and it will be available in the Airspace store, exclusively for #leapmotion. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

Hard times (again)

We are just going through another “Death Valley” as we call the moments when we make critical decisions about our future. The disturbing part is the situation happens already after 6 months after the last one. The positive part is we’ve already survived three similar serious moments in the past. Constantly evaluating if the effort […]