“Get rid of the fish”

“Get rid of the fish” is the unofficial name of the official Sortee trailer. Do you like it? (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

Sortee Story – part 4: SOUND

Sortee sound designer Philip T.B.C.: “Music production is a hard work” Music and sound effects in Sortee are by drum’n’bass DJ and producer Philip T.B.C. who was, for example, an opening act for the famous Prodigy. Although Philip is a musician with over 14 years of experience, Sortee was his first game project he worked on. “Until […]

tumblr_mgnut1uHMw1rv6g5f-1 Sortee single will be available on iTunes Music Store from 31-1-13.

tumblr_mglziifdDA1rv6g5f-1 Sortee main theme kick-off track by Philip T.B.C. (May 2012)