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Competitor Analysis / Unique Selling Proposition (USP) / Audience segmentation and targeting / Soft launch strategy / Go-to-market strategy
Custom app analytics / Marketing analytics / Integration guides for attribution / Post-install events definition
Icon and screenshot design / App preview video production / Static and video mobile ads
Market selection / Audience definition / Campaign setup and management / App Store Optimisation (ASO) / Cross-promotion
Onboarding and conversion optimization / Lifecycle Marketing / LTV calculation / Pricing

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Avoid agencies full of juniors who aren’t living and breathing your business. Our team have published over 30 of our own games and apps before, so we know what we’re doing.

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You’ll get a review of your current situation, advice on priorities, recommended tools and a comprehensive plan on how to reach your goals with effective costs. We help you to minimize risk and burning money doing wrong things at a wrong time.

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AppAgent can help your app deliver from day one. Don’t waste time building a marketing team when our agents can start today. We’ll only charge you for the work we do.

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