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Are you enthusiast in mobile marketing who can handle freedom and responsibility? Join us on the mission to become the best marketing experts available for hire.

Join us and become one of the few hundred people in the world who truly understand mobile marketing. Are you interested in digital marketing, PPC and user acquisition? What “about levelling up” and join AppAgent as Mobile User Acquisition Manager? You’ll quickly realise how unique, vibrant and challenging mobile marketing can be and that it’s far more exciting than “classic digital”!

What are we doing

We are "mobile marketing experts for hire" who become part of our clients' business and help them to grow the user base as well as boost revenues. We analyze user data, define a communication strategy, design ads and store listings as well as acquire users. The majority of our clients are app businesses while a few are in mobile gaming.

What do we want to achieve?

We would like to become the world's most effective mobile marketing team for hire.

How far are we?

We have 7 full-time and 5 external collaborators who work with first-rank clients for whom we are looking for a smart UA Manager.

Who are we looking for?

  • Enthusiasts in performance marketing
  • Devotee who thinks more about business than ego
  • Hard-worker always surprising others by the high quality of work
  • A good listener who loves to learn and is not scared of new things
  • Has a “can be done better” mindset

3 necessary hard skills

  • English at a communicative level
  • Analytical capabilities, so you can count a triple, think logically and ideally has experience with analytical tools (Google Analytics or similar)
  • Proven experience with performance campaigns on Facebook and AdWords

What do we offer

  • Espace for those who do not need and do not want to be directed
  • Great clients from all around the globe (US, SWE, GER, POL…)
  • A lot, really a lot of education in the field
  • The ability to work with colleagues who are the top in their field
  • A profit share in the future


Prague, Czech Republic

Start is possible immediately. If you're interested, I'd love to meet you or arrange an introductory Skype call.

Are you a doer with a proven track record in mobile marketing? Do you seek a leadership role and love strategy planning (but don’t mind executing if needed)? Take a chance to drive impact on many great mobile apps and build the best mobile marketing team for hire with me!

What we do

We are "mobile marketing experts for hire" who become part of our clients' business and help them to grow the user base as well as boost revenues. We analyze user data, define a communication strategy, design ads and store listings as well as acquire users. The majority of our clients are app businesses while a few are in mobile gaming.

Where we want to get

To become the best mobile marketing team for hire, globally. Simple as that.

Who do we need

An ex-product marketing manager, CMO or growth manager who got bored working for one app and looks for diversity at work. You’ve been doing mobile marketing for couple of years and now you seek to step into a more strategic role where you can utilize a strong team of 12 which is at your disposal.

What will you do

  • Prepare new business proposals for incoming leads
  • Manage a team of 3 mobile marketers
  • Work directly with 2-3 major agency clients
  • Be responsible for the financial results
  • Cooperate on the key strategic decisions, innovative projects and new processes
  • Promote the agency through publishing, speaking gigs and involvement in the community of mobile marketers

7 experiences and skills you need to have

  1. You need at least 3 years prior experience in mobile marketing, ideally for a mobile-first or mobile-only startup with demonstrated traction
  2. You‘re an infinite learner who is following industry trends and always pushing yourself to create a better version of yourself
  3. Proven ability to synthesize data from the app analytics / market intelligence / acquisition campaigns and customer insights into successful marketing strategies
  4. Strong understanding of marketing analytics and an ability to explain key principles (e.g. attribution, campaign bidding, LTV, ROI prediction) to a client so they actually get it
  5. Excellent communication skills in English and an interest in writing posts as well as speaking at conferences
  6. Ability to manage complex projects across multiple departments at AppAgent and also multiple stakeholders on the client’s side
  7. Enjoyment from mentoring a team and helping others grow personally as well as professionally
  • Benefit: experience with product development

What we offer

  • Freedom for those who don't need and don’t want to be managed
  • Great global clients with varied business models to learn from attractive industries such as travel or gaming
  • An opportunity to get deeply involved in building and growing an excellent marketing consultancy
  • Support from a strong data & analytics team to execute on your ideas to improve marketing
  • 25 vacation days
  • A profit-share motivational schema
  • For expats, 2 weeks a year to do remote work from their home country
  • Nice fully furnished 3 bedroom flat to rent near Hvezda and Ladronka parks,12 minutes’ drive from the office

If you “swipe right”, I would love to talk to you and discuss how we can grow our business as well as our client’s businesses together.

Peter, Founder & CEO

What we do

At AppAgent we help the developers of mobile apps and games to grow their user base and increase revenue. We develop go-to-market or growth strategies; we design screenshots and app icons; and we create video and playable ads. Our client base is mainly from the US, western Europe and Scandinavia.

See some recent examples of our work:

Who are we looking for:

A creatively driven individual who wants to work full-time in the mobile app industry. We need someone confident and capable of taking an idea from concept to delivery without constant supervision. A free thinker, we’re looking for inspirational ideas.

We need someone who understands the world of digital marketing and the rules of social media. They’re the main ways we promote our clients’ mobile apps and games. Think of Facebook video ads, Youtube ads or rewarded videos in your favorite game, that’s where our Hi Timads are shown.

We need a conceptualist who understands that merely interacting with an ad isn’t enough - it only counts when the customer takes action.

What we offer

  • Focused workflow in a team of four members. (Creative Director, two Motion Designers and an external Graphic Designer)
  • An opportunity to work for big brands with millions of users. (Clients include Small Giant Games, Pixonic, Wolt, Kiwi.com, Joom or Starbreeze.)
  • Diverse range of creative challenges. (From grabbing a pen and sketching, to in depth work on Photoshop, you shouldn’t fear anything.)
  • Salary dependent upon experience, ideas and insight.
  • A pleasant and modern workspace with flexible working hours.
  • All expenses paid trips to at least one creative conference per year. (Our staff have attended events like OFFF in Barcelona.)

What are the requirements:

  • 3 years’ experience in digital marketing or a related industry.
  • Range of skills running from concept – visualization – execution.
  • Long-term commitment. We’re building a strong team that works together well, and we want you to play a key role.
  • Fluency in English. You might be asked to present a concept to clients abroad or to English speaking colleagues.
  • Previous experience with mobile apps and work with motion design. (This isn’t essential, but is a strong advantage.)

We value creativity as well as qualifications, so send us the best of your portfolio. Include what you feel is your best work, even concepts that haven’t been approved or work that you create in your free time.

We’re looking for someone to start straight away. But if you happen to be a freelancer that still has work to finish for your clients, don’t worry. We’re happy to wait for the best.

Location: a modern office with a terrace at Prague 5.

Are you a producer from a digital agency or a project manager in a development studio? Do tasks like “Export the Japanese iPhone screenshots from PSD” and “Upload it to the store” sound familiar to you? Then maybe you should keep on reading…

We are looking for a marketing producer who can provide a support system for our creative team and that way will allow the creative process behind hundreds of screenshots as well as videos every week to be as seamless as possible. We helped and still continue to provide our services for leaders in their industry such as Glu Mobile, Innogames, Pixonic, Joom or Kiwi.com.

Examples from our production (also an example of what you will be responsible for):

Showreel: https://youtu.be/pKt7tm-8cPg
Video ad for War Robots: https://youtu.be/j9f6G06GSyM
Video ad for Empires & Puzzles: https://youtu.be/aujCDcDNXyg
Video ad for Kiwi.com: https://youtu.be/JR-5Ee_6wkI

What we do

We are not an agency with conventional thinking. We breathe for a client’s business – we help them get better financial results, analyze data, define strategies, execute marketing campaign and much more.

What is our aim

We strive to become the best mobile marketing team for hire there is.

How far have we come

The AppAgent team, which now has 12 members, consists of marketing specialists, analysts and a production team. The highest demand right now is with the production team, which is lead by our Creative Director Richard and further consists of an art director, 2 motion designers, an external graphic designer and a sound designer.

Who are we looking for:

  • a support element for the production team who will improve assignment of tasks, budgeting, project management, prioritizing system and who will be responsible for submitting excellent results in a timely manner
  • a manager, who will be able to communicate with a client even if the client happens to be across the globe
  • a communication master, who knows how to put aside emotions when dealing with a conflict of priorities and the everlasting shortage of time
  • a process-oriented person who likes to enhance and speed up how things work
  • an enthusiast in the mobile world who sees themselves growing in this industry

Experience in app development is a welcomed advantage but definitely not a condition.

5 required hard-skills

  1. knowledge of digital production from an agency or a development studio (min. 2 years)
  2. excellent organizational and time-management skills
  3. fluency in English and the ability to communicate with your colleagues as well as with clients in it
  4. basic skills in Adobe Creative Suite and ideally in animation software (After Effects, Cinema 40)
  5. Attention to detail almost to an extreme, skills to think fast on your feet and follow work through to the perfect finish

What we offer

  • space to do very diverse kind of work, from travel ads to trailers for 3D games
  • any support you will need in your self-development
  • a modern office in Smichov with space for bikes, a shower and a terrace
  • company off-site event twice a year and a team-building evening once a month
  • financial bonuses from the agency’s profit
  • 25 days of vacation, home office and sickdays as needed

Location: Prague 5

Do you like what you see? Let’s talk business!